ACF Coaching Committee

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About the ACFCC

The Australian Calisthenic Federation Coaching Committee (ACFCC) role is to make recommendations related to coaching at a National level to the ACF Board in consultation with the State Advisory Council (SAC) and to administer the ACF National Coach Education and Accreditation Program.

The Role of the ACFCC is to:

  • Continual improvement of the ACF National coaching and accreditation programs, including the design, development and evaluation;
  • To promote positive communication between the ACF, all Calisthenic stakeholders and the Australian Sports Commission through Sport Education and the National Skills Program;
  • Support members in the engagement and administration of the National Coaching Accreditation program.

Current Members of the ACFCC are:

ACF Head of Coaching Carolyn Fortune
ACFCC Registrar Alex Otzen
ACT State Delegate Denise Spencer & Rachel Holdway
NSW State Delegate Narelle Drake
NT State Delegate Julie Murray
QLD State Delegate Jessica Cunningham
SA State Delegate Heather O’Connor
VIC State Delegate Keira Cowell & Rebecca Rose
WA State Delegate Christine Polglaze