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The aim of the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) is to develop, promote, administer and co-ordinate in a professional and efficient manner, the unique Australian sport of Calisthenics at a National level, for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

Our Structure

The ACF Board

Richard Emery


Richard joined the ACF Board with a unique mix of senior executive and board experience coupled with a strong connection and involvement in the sport of calisthenics.

Richard is grateful for the role that calisthenics has played in the social, physical, and emotional development of his two daughters, of whom he is exceedingly proud.

With over 14 years of experience of grassroots involvement as a parent, Richard’s family is entrenched in calisthenics, having enjoyed invaluable social connections and friendships.

Richard joined the ACF Board with the stated goal to assist the sport of calisthenics to find ways and tools to be more inclusive and broaden it’s appeal to adapt to the changing needs of our community, now and for the future.

Chrissie Maus GAICD


Chrissie Maus grew up in Western Australia and spent over decade part of her local Calisthenics club, West Coast. She’s been a WA state team representative and a Miss Graceful girl winner. Maus was also a Calisthenics coach and still a respected mentor to many in the sport. 

Maus started her marketing and media career over 20 years ago in radio and TV managing national brand activations, sponsorships & integrated marketing campaigns.

She is highly influential in the marketing sector and dominates the pack with a daily appetite for innovation, a focus on disruption for differentiation and is an unapologetically bold civic leader.  

Maus is an AICD graduate and has raised over $30 million for different charities. She is a passionate women’s rights, equality, sleep & mental health advocate. 

Maus is a compelling Leadership and Lifestyle Opinion Writer for The West Australian (Seven West Media) and a two-time state winner in the AMI marketing awards 2020.

Jonathan Pitt


Jonathan is a practising Solicitor with a passion for driving and supporting participation in sport at all levels arising from a lifelong involvement in various sports both as an athlete and administrator. 

Jonathan has over 10 years of experience Legal, Governance and Integrity matters and is the current National Manager of Legal & Integrity for Baseball Australia and Water Polo Australia. He was also the Senior Legal Counsel for Racing NSW and is the Principal Solicitor at Champion Sports Law, providing legal services and advice to major professional leagues and elite-level competitions including the Australian Baseball League.

As an athlete, Jonathan was a National Swimmer, is a 1st Dan black-belt in Karate-Jitsu and in his earlier years competed at a representative level in rugby union, rugby league and cross-country. He has also competed across a variety of sports including baseball, water polo, soccer, Australian football and athletics. 

In his spare time, Jonathan has Chaired and acted as Secretary to various charities and charitable trusts. He is the current Chairman of the ABL Disciplinary Review Panel and is a former Tribunal Member of the NSW Training Disputes Tribunal. He has also sat on various Committees and Sub-Committees across Licensing and Disciplinary matters in thoroughbred racing.

Diane Winterling


A Life Member of the Australian Calisthenic Federation, Diane brings significant sport specific experience to the ACF Board.

An active participant since an early age, Diane has been involved as a coach, adjudicator and an examiner and has held the position of the ACF Director of Skills and Convenor of the Examiners Advisor and is currently Head of Skills.

A passionate and proactive member of the calisthenic community Diane was named ACF Official of the Year in 2007 and in 2000 was a recipient of the Australian Sports Medal for her contribution to Calisthenics.

Diane is focussed on ensuring the ACF Board continues the legacy of the sport whilst ensuring calisthenics continues to develop and thrive.

“Calisthenics has had a significant impact in my life and my association with our wonderful sport has been developed over many years”.

Anita Roser


Anita joined the ACF Board to assist with the implementation of the new constitution and strategic plan. 

Anita’s experience in Calisthenics has included being a proud parent of three talented participants, two of them coaches, and all three as members of National teams over the past 25 years.

Anita was appointed as ACF Director of Competitions in 2012, a position she held until the end of 2022.

Anita has been involved at State level for the past 25 years as a president, treasurer, competition chairperson, club manager and costume coordinator.  

These experiences allowed Anita to work with many people across  the Calisthenics community, teaching and mentoring them so that they could enjoy their time as a volunteer.

Anita believes in nurturing the enthusiasm of our future Nationals representatives and encouraging participation of all States at the National Championships each year.  

Jeremy Seward

Company Secretary

ACF Head of Committees


Head of Coaching

Karen Hicks

Head of Adjudicating

Diane Winterling

Head of Skills

Diane has been involved in Calisthenics since the age of 4 making the natural progression to coaching and then examining and adjudicating. 

She is an Advanced Level 2 Adjudicator and has extensive adjudicating experience both solo and team, officiating at all levels at many metropolitan and regional competitions in South Australia and interstate.

As a Gold Medal Examiner and a level 2 coach Diane has had the opportunity to view Calisthenics from several perspectives all of which complement her ongoing commitment to and love of our sport.

Diane has held the position of the ACF Director of Skills and Convenor of the Examiners Advisor and now transitions to Head of Skills.