National Championships

The ACF National Championships began in 1988.

This prestigious competition is the pinnacle of Calisthenics. 

Every year, elite performers from across Australia come together to represent their State in solo, duo and team performances.

To find out more about selections for Nationals, please contact your State organisation.

The ACF National Championships will not be held in 2024.

Pan Pacific Masters Games

The ACF are thrilled to be part of the Pan Pacific Masters Games.  

Over 13,500 athletes from every corner of Australia and 25 countries compete in the 42-sport event which has stamped itself on the calendar at the beginning of November every two years.

Participants compete in their age group with no qualifying standards to enter. The only criterion for entry is a minimum age for each sport, which for Calisthenics is 26 years of age. 

Held on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Pan Pacs is a truly amazing experience for Calisthenic Club level representatives.

To find out more about entering your team email  

The next Pan Pacific Master Games will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland in November 2024.