Coaching Programs

Cadet Program

The ACF Cadet Program is designed for those seeking to become an accredited coach or coach assistant with the Australian Calisthenic Federation. Developed to increase the Calisthenic skills and general knowledge of cadets and better prepare them for entry to the ACF Level One Coaching Program. 

It provides ongoing instruction, education and encouragement for participants as they work toward self improvement and expertise in their coaching knowledge.

It is a two year program although the length may vary depending on your age when commencing, available to participants 14 years and older, successful completion of Grade 2 Calisthenic Skills exam is a pre-requisite.

This ACF Cadet Program is the introductory level coach education in Calisthenics and provides continual improvement of the standard of coaching in Calisthenics through better trained and qualified coaches.

Level 1 Program Recreational

The ACF Recreational Level 1 Program is offered to participants 16 years and older who work with recreational participants within a Club/College or in their local community and wish to gain a Coaching qualification. 

Developed to provide an educational program to those interested in becoming  an ACF accredited recreational coach and broadens the range of options available in coach education in Calisthenics, realizing a fit for purpose training program for recreational coaching

The course is a three hour Sport Specific module, and a two hour general online module.  Successful attainment of Grade two calisthenic skills is a pre-requisite to becoming an ACF Recreational Level 1 Coach.

ACF Recreational Level 1 Accreditation requires ongoing continual education and a 12 point every four years update program to retain the qualification and to remain a registered coach. 

The needs of country coaches are met by allowing attendance at the Sport Specific module via video conferencing/Skype. Regional training sessions are conducted where possible.

The ACF Recreational Level 1 Coaching Program is reviewed every four years by the Australian Calisthenic Federation of Calisthenic Coaches (ACFCC) and is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.


Level 1 Program

The ACF Level 1 Program is a national program offered to participants 18 years and older seeking to become an ACF accredited coach or coach assistant. 

The ACF Level 1 Program is a 12-month integrated program and must be fully completed before coaching unsupervised. The course is offered by ACF Member State Associations throughout the year to enable ACF qualified cadets to be trained in all aspects of coaching calisthenics. 

Successful completion of the ACF Cadet Course is a pre-requisite prior to commencing ACF Level 1 Program.

The National Level 1 Coaching course is reviewed every four years by the ACF Coaching Committee (ACFCC) in line with continual improvement and is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission. The eight modules include:

ACF Level 1 Coaching Accreditation requires ongoing continued education and 24 point updates in four years to retain the qualification and to remain a registered coach.

The needs of country coaches are met with the Distance Education package which includes all work sheets and handouts, DVDs for all modules (excluding the strength and conditioning) and provision for video assessment of a practical coaching session. Regional training sessions are conducted where possible.


Level 2 Program

The ACF Level 2 Program is a continuation of the ACF Level 1 coaching qualification and the modules have been integrated into the ACF Coach Development & Update Program available to all coaches through State update programs. Any current ACF Level 1 Coach can commence the ACF Level 2 Program at any time.

The ACF Level 2 Program was designed to develop coaches to drive improved personal and team skills and to provide opportunity and encouragement for coaches to work towards self-improvement and expertise in their coaching programs.

There is a Calisthenics General Principles module which includes a self-analysis task and 7 sports specific modules:

There is no time limit for the completion of the ACF Level 2 Coaching Program.