Adjudicators Accreditation Program

Adjudicator Accreditation

In 1995, the Adjudicators’ Accreditation Program was recognised by the Australian Sports Commission when it was officially included in the National Officiating Program, recently renamed the National Official Accreditation Scheme (NOAS). The Adjudicators’ Accreditation Program encompasses the training and education of Cadet Adjudicators (Cadet Course) and qualified Adjudicators (Advanced Adjudicator Course).

With the more recent development of the Cadet Course Program into a distance education format, adjudicator training has now become more accessible to prospective adjudicators in regional areas and in States where no Australian Society of Calisthenic Adjudicators (ASCA) Inc. Branch has been established.

To find out more about how to become an adjudicator please click here ASCA Cadet Criteria and Course Outline may 2023 

The Cadet Course

To become a Cadet Adjudicator, the individual must have been a registered Calisthenic coach of an approved standard competitive class as accepted by the Australian Society of Calisthenic Adjudicators Inc. (ASCA). Applicants are required to undertake an interview and entrance exam prior to acceptance. Their coaching experience, technical knowledge and additional qualifications and experience are considered.

The three-year Cadet training program meets the requirements of the National Officiating Accreditation Schemes (NOAS). In undertaking this program, Cadets participate in a variety of learning experiences including timing, writing, observation, officiating seminars, video and practical adjudicating experiences. During their training, Cadets are supported by an appointed mentor adjudicator. The program aims to develop knowledgeable and skilled adjudicators who are capable of officiating at Calisthenic competitions.

During their training, Cadet Adjudicators are required to attend ASCA Inc. meetings and are encouraged to attend National Adjudicator Conferences. These forums provide further opportunity for Cadets to engage in discussions and form networks with other adjudicators.

On successful completion of the Course, Cadets are recognised as Accredited Adjudicators.

Advanced Adjudicator Course

An advanced level course, culminating in the Advanced 2 Maintenance qualification, is available for those who wish to further their adjudicating qualifications. The Advanced Adjudicator Course requires adjudicators to attend sport specific and generic officiating seminars, participate in practical adjudicating experience, and undertake a research project relevant to adjudicating. Advanced Adjudicators must also plan and monitor their on- going development as an official.

All Adjudicators are obliged to maintain their Accreditation through attendance at meetings, seminars and ‘hands on’ adjudicating experience. Similarly to Cadets, Advanced Adjudicators are encouraged to attend the National Adjudicators Conferences.