Examiners Advisory Board


Examiners Advisory Board

The Examiners Advisory Board enhances the development of Calisthenics through the implementation and evaluation of the ACF Calisthenic Skills Program.

To achieve this, the EAB meet twice per year and communicate regularly to ensure ongoing evolvement of the program to meet the needs of the Calisthenic community.

The work of the EAB is evident through the continual updating of the syllabus and the production of supporting resources such as the video footage.

ACF Examiners are well trained and maintain their accreditation through the annual seminar conducted by the EAB, examining locally and the opportunities to travel interstate to take up examiner appointments.

The Examiners handbook is updated each year and supports all Examiners in their role.

Each State/Territory Skills Administrator is supported through the preparation and publication of a handbook and a meeting held whenever possible in conjunction with the ACF Nationals.

The ACF wishes to recognise and thank EAB members who each contribute a great deal of time to ensure the Skills program supports the growth and development of participants and technical mastery to sustain longevity in Calisthenics.

The EAB are:

ACF Director of Skills: Diane Winterling
ACF Skills Registrar: Julie Fox
SA Representative: Michelle Symons
VIC Representative: Kelly Finlayson
WA Representative: Jacqui Hendriks
ACT Representative: Carmen Menzel
QLD Representative: Maree Colledge