The Adjudicating Process

Calisthenics is adjudicated individually or on a panel of three. The process of adjudication remains consistent regardless of whether the single or panel system is used. On a panel, each adjudicator assumes the role of a single adjudicator and adjudicates each performance in its entirety.  Adjudicators judge from an elevated position in an auditorium or theatre. Each adjudicator works with a writer who transcribes the comments of the adjudicator on prepared Critique Papers. At the end of the competition, each team/duo, or solo competitor will receive a Critique Paper from the adjudicator/s.

All performances are marked out of 100 in accordance with the set Adjudication Mark-up. These marks are awarded across three broad aspects of the performance; Technique, Choreography and Execution. An Interpretation of Mark-up Sheet for each aspect guides adjudicators as they observe, analyse and assess each performance in turn.

In single adjudication, the adjudicator will rank their marks from highest to lowest at the end of a section. The team or performer with the highest mark (raw score) is the ‘winner’.

In panel adjudication, each adjudicator will rank their marks from highest to lowest. However, another step is employed before place-getters are decided. Each adjudicator will allocate the following points to their top competitors/teams:

The adjudicators’ Critique Papers are then passed to assessors who collate the points allocated by each adjudicator in order to determine the place-getters for each item. The maximum number of points possible is 42.

Depending on the number of competitors or entries in a section, the following place-getters will normally be announced: First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention. At the completion of the competition, the adjudicator (or head adjudicator on a panel) gives general comments about the work presented before the final results are announced.

The Aggregate

Aggregate Awards are presented at the end of each team competition. The Competition Committee is responsible for collating the adjudicator’s results from each section to determine the aggregate results. To be eligible for the aggregate, each team/club must compete in all programmed items. A trophy is awarded to the team/club gaining the highest aggregate points for that competition. In the event of a tie for the aggregate award, each of the tied teams/clubs will receive an Aggregate trophy. Aggregate points are allocated as follows: