The ACF National Championships began in 1988.

This prestigious competition is the pinnacle of Calisthenics. 

Every year, elite performers from across Australia come together to represent their State in solo, duo and team performances.

To find out more about selections for Nationals, please contact your State organisation.

2023 ACF National Championships Item Rotation

Section Core Fancy Solo & Duo
Sub-Juniors March, Free, Rods, Aesthetic Character Folk Calisthenic Solo
Juniors March, Free, Clubs, Rods, Aesthetic Song & Dance Graceful Solo and Calisthenic Duo
Intermediates March, Free, Clubs, Rods, Aesthetic Calisthenics Revue Graceful Solo and Calisthenic Solo
Seniors March, Free, Clubs, Rods, Aesthetic Dance Arrangement Graceful Solo, Calisthenic Solo and Calisthenic Duo