The ACF Cadet Course is offered to participants 14 years and above who wish to further their coaching qualifications. It is designed for any person irrespective of age seeking to become a coach / coach assistant under the auspices of the Australian Calisthenic Federation.

The cadet program is a 2 year program which depending on your age at commencement can be completed between 1 and 4 years. It is a pre-requisite to have Grade 2 Skills before you can commence the Cadet course.

The cadet program was developed to provide an educational program which will increase the Calisthenic skills and knowledge of cadets and better prepare them for entry to the Level One program. It provides opportunity and encouragement for all cadets to work toward self improvement and expertise in their coaching knowledge.

This program enables all involved to upgrade the standard of coaching in Calisthenics through better trained and qualified coaches it also broadens the range of options available in coach education in Calisthenics.

Course Learning Outcomes

A cadet coach at the completion of the course, will be able to demonstrate basic technical knowledge of Calisthenic elements, understand the role of the cadet and demonstrate knowledge of basic communication skills and apply the basic biological, physiological and behavioural sciences necessary for beginning levels of coaching.

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