Recreational Level 1 Coaching Course Information

The ACF Recreational Level 1 Course is offered to participants 16 years and above who wish to gain a Coaching qualification for Recreational students.  It is designed for any person irrespective of age seeking to become a recreational coach under the auspices of the Australian Calisthenic Federation. The course is a 3 hour Sport Specific module, and a 2 hour general online module.  There is calisthenic skill pre-requisite to become a Recreational Level 1 Coach.

The ACF Recreational Level 1 program was developed to provide an educational program which will enable Coaching in a recreational environment, be that within a Club/College or in their local community.  This program broadens the range of options available in coach education in Calisthenics, realizing a fit for purpose training program for recreational coaching.

The ACF Recreational Level 1 Coaching course is continually reviewed every 4 years by the Australian Calisthenic Federation of Calisthenic Coaches (ACFCC) and is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission.

Recreational Level 1 requires continual education and a 12 update point program, over the time period of 4 years and is compulsory to retain the qualification and to remain a registered coach. Please refer to the current Recreational Level 1 update for clarification on points.

The needs of country coaches are met by allowing attendance at the Sport Specific module via video conferencing/Skype. Regional training sessions are conducted where possible.